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To Dream of Warblerland…

So I recently found CP Coulters What if it was all a dream? story, and after reading it I found I loved it…and hated it. I quite like endings where you are like woah no just a dream, but then its like, but why tell the story in the first place?

So then I decided to mindfuck you all by writing this, its not very good, written late and im tired. Also the first thing ive written in a year, but I hope it succeeds in making you think…WTF?? haha

Anyways if you havent read CPs story go read it now, otherwise this wont make sense. Heres the link:

Kurt would find that Warblerland didn’t even exist….

“Kurt, hey are you ok?”  A worried voice called to him sounding far away. Kurt tried to open his eyes, seeing nothing but darkness for a second then blurry shapes and colours started to dance in front of him

“Hey easy now, you took quite a fall” That was Blaine’s reassuring voice, he could recognise it anywhere. He felt a hand on his shoulder lightly pushing him down to keep him in his lying position on the couch.

“I fell?” Kurt managed to groan out before the throbbing in his head made itself known. The thumping felt like his brain was trying to jump out of his skull; he squeezed his eyes shut against the pain.

“Yeah the tweedles left a nerf gun at the top of the stairs and you tripped over it and flew down them” Blaine chuckled lightly, stroking his hair kindly.

“The tweedles don’t exist” Kurt mumbled again, moving his head slowly to work the stiffness in his neck.

“YES WE DO!” Two offended voices shouted from his right. At the sound of this Kurt’s eyes popped open, taking in everything around him for the first time since he woke up.

Blaine was sat next to him watching him slightly confused, but still lovingly. At the end of couch Reed sat biting his nails, looking relieved that he was alright, Wes and David stood behind him smiling. Ethan and Evan were leaning over the back of the couch to the right, eyes narrowed. Kurt could hear Dwight nearby chanting something in a foreign language and Charlie was pacing around talking to someone on the phone.  The speaker on the desk crackled.

“How hard did he hit his head?” Han asked no one in particular.

Kurt sat up slowly now, looking around the room and its occupants very confused.

“But it was a dream” Kurt mumbled again, everyone was looking at him in confusion now.

“What was a dream Kurt?” Blaine asked taking his hand softly.

“Everything” He stated “I dreamt everything, and then I woke up as I arrived at Dalton for the first time, and it was the same…but different…” Kurt trailed off, not knowing what to think.

“Different how?” David asked curiously.

“Well…Wes was in Hanover…” Kurt began, thinking about his ‘dream’.

“I used to be in Hanover, but you guys just couldn’t live without me” Wes joked, receiving a push off David.

“No but you still were…are….erm” Kurt shook his head slightly, trying to get the throbbing to stop for a second so he could think. “Logan wasn’t batshit crazy, Dwight wasn’t a hunter, the Twins were…normal, Reed wasn’t clumsy”

“Well, I’m not that clumsy anyway” Reed declared as he promptly fell off the arm of the couch he was sitting on. “Never mind” He mumbled getting back up.

“It was weird, because you were there, but you weren’t” Kurt looked sadly at them as they smiled back.

“It was just a dream Alice, you’re back in Warblerland now” The twins grinned mischievously at him.

“But no” Kurt spoke defiantly, startling everyone slightly “Warblerland was the dream, this is the dream, the other Dalton, that was real….it felt so real” Kurt faded into a whisper.

“If this was a dream, it would be a nightmare” Charlie chuckled, walking over to Kurt and laying a comforting hand on his shoulder. “I’ve called the nurse she’s expecting you in the infirmary, let’s go”

Kurt looked around him, at the faces of his friends. Maybe he was dreaming again. Maybe he had gotten into a car accident after his first week at Dalton and had dropped back into his dream. He could be lying in a hospital bed in a coma, stuck in this hallucination. Maybe the other Dalton was just a dream, but it had felt so real, he could remember every detail of shaking the other Logan’s hand, and the smell of the kitchen as the twins studied. But right now, holding Blaine’s hand, that felt real too. Kurt looked up into Blaine’s eyes, and he realised, he didn’t care.

He wanted his clumsy blushing roommate. He wanted that menacing glint in the tweedles eyes. He wanted Wes and David to act like an old married couple. He wanted Dwight chanting over him and sneaking rock salt into his coffee. He wanted Charlie and his baseball bat. And mostly he wanted the way Blaine was looking at him, full of love.

He decided it didn’t matter, what was real anymore. This was where he wanted to be. In Warblerland with the mad people.

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